Our History

I have dreamed of owning a spa for most of my professional career. When I would make the time  to visit one for a massage, I would be so impacted by the stress-relief and rejuvenation I  experienced. My eyes were opened to the importance of holistic and self-care therapies for the  overall health and wellness of all people. In 2009, I attended my first seminar and training event  for medical spa healthcare professionals. I came back home excited and started looking for  properties to open something part time. But life takes twists and turns, and it was not yet in  God’s perfect timing for me to proceed. My father died unexpectedly and one week later, we  found out we were pregnant after years of trying! The dream of a medical spa was put on hold.  One precious baby was followed by another, my husband’s company was rebuilding after the  economic crash of 2008, and I knew I needed to stay put for a while. 

But the dreams God puts on our hearts do not easily fade away. In 2016, I was diagnosed with an autoimmune liver disease. At times, I felt very poorly and had to seek medical care for myself for  the first time in my life (outside of pregnancy). I asked my employer for some alternative working  

hours and arrangements, as I believed it was possible to continue to be a good doctor, a good  mother and wife, and to take care of my own health, but my request was denied. So, I quit my  job. Yes, just like that! I jumped without a parachute, but God had put it so heavy on my heart  that it was time to make a change, and I had my husband’s and my family’s support, so I made  the leap! 

During those in-between years, Erika Smith joined our practice. I was not so sure that I was going  to like her. She was always so put together and beautiful, and we just did not connect at first.  However, one day I walked in and she was talking about a television show that I loved, and it was  on! We became fast friends and found that we both had a burning interest in aesthetic medicine  and self-care for our patients! When I decided to make the change, I knew who my partner in  this journey would be!  

The first building we looked at for our first home in Bremen was “entirely too big.” After all, it  would just be the two of us seeing patients. We would not need a great deal of space! But after  looking at several other properties, and talking to the listing agent on multiple occasions, and  even an impromptu Sunday morning prayer meeting at the space, we went with the “entirely too  big” office! Renovations quickly took place, and I mean quickly, with my stepfather leading the  way, and we were ready to open in early September 2017!  

In the first three months of opening, there was a small fire in the building, a tornado that came  through the parking lot (and right behind my car that I had just parked and was still sitting in!),  and an ice storm that closed us down for a few days, but we will still growing at a rapid-fire pace– so much so that we hired another provider in November of 2017! I could write about all the  graces and favors God showed us in those first weeks and months, and he continues to shower  them on us to this day! From the lady at the Medicare office who told me over the phone she  knew what 3:16 stood for so she was going to pass our application that day without the standard 90 day delay, to the fact that we had a small IT issue that kept us in the building later than  planned the night of the fire, God opened doors at every angle for us. 

By spring of 2018, we were out of space! My mother said one day, “I wish that little house next  door would come available so we could rent it for office space,” and I kid you not, the man  moved out that weekend. We rented the “Little Blue House” next door and stretched our legs a  little. We hired more providers and again, ran out of space within a few months. I called my  good friend, the mayor of our town, to see if she had any ideas about where we could perhaps  move the spa; we would keep family medicine at the original building, and just move the spa to a  location nearby. As it turns out, the city owned a big, beautiful, turn-of-the-century home  directly across the street from us that they had just been discussing a need to do something with  other than let it sit. We were able to lease this space and with minor renovations, moved the spa  over there in May of 2019! 

We continued to grow and prosper! God blessed us, and we hired more people, added more  services, expanded our offerings on both sides, and continued to work in our community. With  filling schedules and a growing staff, we felt it was time to stretch our wings to a nearby  community. We opened an additional Spa 3:16 location in Carrollton, Georgia, just three weeks  before the COVID-19 pandemic shut down of March 2020. The timing in our eyes was awful, but  God continued to provide, and by the fall of 2020, we were ready to grow yet again! 3:16 Family  Medicine opened it’s Carrollton location in November of 2020 adding three more healthcare  providers, including a pediatric nurse practitioner, to our fold!  

What started as a staff of eight, including Erika and myself, has grown to a staff of well over one hundred with dozens of healthcare providers and ten locations in just six short years! If there is anything I have  learned, it is that “we can make our plans, but the Lord establishes our steps.” (-Proverbs 16:9)  My hope is that 3:16 Healthcare will continue to grow, prosper, and impact communities all over  the Southeast, but what I know is that God will direct our steps, He will open doors and make  paths straight, and we will serve Him and praise Him for all that He has done for us. We will love  His people, all people, and do the best we can to improve the health and quality of life of all who  we encounter!  

In His Love, 

Dr. Allison K. Key